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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Conservative candidate's showing his true colors... in lawn signs

You may have noticed Conservative lawn signs popping up all over town in public places. Today's Whig has an article about these signs. Briefly, the Liberal, NDP and Green candidates for this area all committed not to put up signs in public places. The Conservatives didn't sign on to this agreement. Yet a few days ago, they issued a press release criticizing the Green candidate for "violating" an agreement the Conservatives hadn't even signed on to. The Green candidate's "violation"? He held a press conference outdoors, using a portable sign as a backdrop, then took the sign down when he was done. Lou Grimshaw's conservative campaign seized on this to claim the Green candidate was "putting up signs in public places". Lou Grimshaw's Conservative campaign has been really quick to play "gotcha" on minor technicalities. The Liberals forgot to put "Authorized by the Official Candidate" on their website; the Conservatives pounced and filed a complaint that they were in violation of elections law. (Full disclosure: We'd forgotten, too, but made the change as soon as we saw the story.) Does anyone but Lou Grimshaw really think that holding a press conference with a portable sign as backdrop is the same thing as putting up lawn signs in public places? And does anyone but Lou Grimshaw really think that this mean-spirited game of "gotcha" makes him look like the kind of man Kingstonians want to send to Ottawa?


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