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Friday, December 30, 2005

RCMP investigates the income trust leak

The RCMP have opened an investigation regarding possible insider trading surrounding the Liberal Finance Minister's Nov. 23 announcement on income trusts. The investigation was prompted by a request from NDP Finance Critic Judy Wasylycia-Leis, but it's important to realize that the RCMP don't investigate every case that they're requested to investigate. They review the facts and look for corroborating complaints or trends before opening an investigation. And, after a thorough month-long look at the facts, the RCMP decided to open an investigation in this case. Paul Martin claims that the RCMP aren't investigating Ralph Goodale and says flat-out that Mr. Goodale will not step down. But Paul Martin can't credibly say that Mr Goodale isn't under investigation. The RCMP's investigation isn't focused exclusively on Goodale or his ministry, but doesn't rule them out, either. RCMP Chief Superintendant Denis Constant explained: "We’ll look at wherever the investigation sends us. We’ll be looking into this, anything that’s been suspicious." (Global News, 6:30pm, December 29, 2005) In a nutshell, anyone who had the information could come within the scope of the investigation. What's more, Paul Martin said today that he, and others in the Prime Minister's Office, had advance knowledge of Goodale's annoucement. This is no surprise in itself, but it means that if there was a leak, it could conceivably have come from someone in the Prime Minister's Office -- so the PMO itself may find itself under investigation.


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