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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

1st All-Candidate Debate

At 4:45 yesterday, all the candidates for the riding of Kingston and the Islands met at Queens' University for the first of seven debates. A big topic was whether the Liberal incumbent, Milliken, could do a good job representing Kingston and be the Speaker at the same time. There's been a lot of concern about this lately, with an editorial published in the Whig and some of the candidates using their Whig profile as a platform to question Milliken's record as a voice for Kingston. There's no question that he is a very good Speaker. But as Speaker, he can't introduce bills or even appear partisan, and one editorial in the Whig reported that all the concerns he raised with Peter were passed off to other MPs (who don't represent Kingston, and didn't do anything about the concerns). If we re-elect Milliken as our MP, he does intend to run for Speaker again (and, if House opinion is any guide, will probably get it). So for anyone doubting Milliken's effectiveness as our representative -- that problem is not going away.


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