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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Media watch

Jack Layton was just on CBC's The National with Peter Mansbridge, answering questions from members of the public. As usual, he did a good job of presenting the NDP as the viable third alternative. As Jack says in this letter to Canadians, "There is a better choice in this election. It’s the NDP." Unfortunately, the NDP's existence seems to have been lost on the Globe and Mail, which wrote the most hesitant possible endorsement of the Conservatives on the following grounds: (1) It's time for a change. (2) The Liberals are too comfy with corruption. (3) Did we mention it's time for a change? and Harper isn't as scary in 2006 as he was in 2004. That's literally the best argument the Globe can come up with for supporting Harper. Even then they don't seem to certain about it. They finish by consoling themseves with the thought that surely, a governing party could never go against the wishes of the people: "Political parties are in the business of currying public favour; a governing party, even an unnatural one, will not stray too far, too frequently, from the social consensus. The dynamic of democratic change keeps competitors for power within reasonable bounds. So it will be for Mr. Harper and his Conservatives." Uh -- no. Apparently the Globe hasn't taken a look at America lately. The neoconservatives there have implemented policies, under cover of secrecy and lies, that are pretty far from the democratic consensus. And no, I'm not saying that Harper is Bush or that he's going to invade other countries, torture children and spy on our citizens. But to look at the US is to realize that just because a party is main-stream is no guarantee that its policies will be mainstream. The Globe is fooling itself here. It's a real shame that the Globe hasn't heard of the NDP. The Globe wants change, but they "worry about [Harper's] seeming indifference to the need for a strong central government in a country so replete with runaway centrifugal forces." Want to elect someone who believes in a strong central government? That's what the NDP's all about. The Globe "worr[ies] about [Harper] teaming up with the Bloc Québécois to weaken the federal government's tax-raising capacity and its advocacy of national programs." Guess what -- the NDP are fiercely nationalist and have no intention of cutting taxes for the wealthy to skint social programs. They "worry that [Harper] might have to strike retrograde compromises with social conservatives in the party's midst." Meaning, they're worried about the strong support for anti-abortion and anti-gay laws in the former Alliance party. Again, not a concern with the NDP. And finally, they "worry that he may prove heavy-handed in wielding the considerable powers of a prime minister." The Globe and Mail is worried Harper will turn into an autocrat. And yet they still endorse him? What a shame, what a terrible shame that they haven't heard of the NDP and Jack Layton. It is time for change, and thank the electoral stars that there is another option besides Harper and the CPC. There's Jack Layton, Rob Hutchison, and the values that we in the NDP stand for. As an aside, even the Conservatives are telling people that if they do get a majority, it will still be okay because there will be lots of Liberals around to moderate them. What does it say about a prospective government when it needs to reassure voters that it won't be the only ones governing? (Thanks to Sinister Thoughts for the link.)


Blogger BC Tory said...

The fact is that the press likely endorse a party that has no chance of forming a government. If the NDP actually had a legitimate shot of winning the election, then I would agree with your argument; however, the press is just trying to affirm who is best to govern the country, and Jack Layton, at 17-19% in the polls, will not be governing this country any time soon.

3:01 a.m.

Blogger max said...

Yeah, I saw him. How ridiculous.. jumping on the hippie annti-bush bandwagon.
Stand up against typrants both foreign and domestic! We don't have a single party willing to do this. Conservatives might support the war against terrorism and dictators but they are firmly allied with corporate totalitarians.
If there as even such a party of 2 people willing to fight the corporate dictators i would vote for them.
Oh crud, i saw NDP on TV last night. They are totally hopeless. They are anit-war against Bush.
Hopping on the hippy anti-war bandwagon.
What stupidity!
We need warrior-types to take on the corporations.
Listen Up People!!!
Dictators are evil.
Bush got rid of a dictator.
Horray! Horray!
Corporations are totalitarian dictatorhsips.
We got to get rid of them with the same spirit.
We need political warriors to change the system. We ned tough guys who want to fight and get rid of dictators at home and abroad. There is no difference.
We don't need marshmellows , afraid to get their hands dirty, leftist, pie in the sky hippies.
No wonder NDP platform has not one realistic pank in their platform to fight corporations. They cannot even recognize the enemies of mankind

4:20 p.m.

Blogger Natalka said...

Hi BC Tory,

The irony is that the assumption that the NDP won't form a government is the single biggest reason I've heard from former Liberals telling me why they're not voting NDP. It's collective circular logic. "The NDP can't form a government... so we won't vote for them... therefore, they won't have the votes to form a government." If the Globe published an editorial endorsing the NDP, you can bet the NDP would have a shot at forming the next government.

The fact is that a minority NDP presence got more done on childcare and education than a string of majority Liberal governments had. The more folks vote for Jack, the more NDP MP's the next government will have, and the more the NDP can continue to be effective for us.

6:09 p.m.

Blogger max said...

Yes, i notice you have no answers at all for pointed questions for any NDP proposal to either have justice for the Sponsorship Inquiry or for ending the corporate-political back-stroking alliance.
Dare to answer the NDP answers to these question.
Do they believe justice has been served in the Sponsorship scandal. Yes or no?
Will they institute criminal investigations to seize the bank records and the individual financial records implicated in the scandal. Yes or no?
Will they make sure that laws are passed retroactively that guarnateed imprisonment and substantial fines for all government officials convicted of corruption. Yes or no?
Will they make sure that all individuals implicated in the sponsorship scandal are given criminal charges and a criminal investigation is launched. Yes or no?
Exactly what steps will be taken to guarantee the legislation is passed and enforced and justice is served for the Sponsorship scandal.
The Gomery Inquiry was in effect a wimpish foppish band-aid that had the effect of a cover-up.
Does the NDP intend to finally have justice for the Canadian people?
Yes or No?
Foorce the banks thenmselves to return the money. And with interest! I guarantee you if they ever seized the bank records then the bankers would be going to jail as well.
And that is the reason for the cover-up. The financial corporations are complicit in this and ann an even wider ranging cornucopia of corruption.
That is the meaning of a corporate-political oligarchy.
Why should we trade one oligarchy for another?
How about a pledge to end the alliance with the corporations?
How about some statements of how exactly they are going to do it?
Precisely- companuy by company, corporation by corporation, law by law, Where is the real platform not the rhehoric? Where are the real teeth?

6:42 p.m.

Blogger max said...

Democracy watch just condemned all three major parties.

I'm wasting my effort trying to communicate ot any of my fellow Canadians.
I'll just turn the set off and let you all self-destruct.
Just remember that in 10 years when you have the RFID chips in your necks that i told you so.

6:46 p.m.

Blogger max said...

Now I get it!

It's all MONEY!
The whole election process is corrupt.
The only way any party can be elected is to have money $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
from the corporations.
The NDP received 5 mil from the corporations in 2000.
So no party can run unless it has corporate contributions. The election is really just a power struggle betweeen the corporations it has nothing to do with the canadian people.
The Election process itself is corrupt and that's why all the parties are corrupt.
The only way to stop that is to forbid that ANY party get private financing. All registered parties should get equal free time on the news from existing government funds and be forbidden private funding. That way all parties have an equal chandce and that way the corporations lose their power entirely and the people will have a real democracy
Also the salaries of politicians should be indexed to the average wage for Canada and no one elected to public service should be allowed a job on any coprorate executive position before or after election.
How's that for honesty and radical thinking?
How's that for REAL REAL REAL change?

That would be real change.
Think about it you puppets.!!
It's your last chance for freedom from the pupperteeers!

8:47 p.m.

Blogger max said...
Finacial reports on the parties
read it and weep
while you can...

8:50 p.m.

Blogger BC Tory said...


I am aware of that argument and I don't support it either. Being a former PC supporter myself, I know what's it like to be the fourth (or in my former case, fifth) party in the house.

What I was trying to say is that I just don't see a national newspaper endorsing a party that hasno chance of winning. But the sorry truth is the media will only endorse a party that can win.

3:49 a.m.

Blogger max said...

"What I was trying to say is that I just don't see a national newspaper endorsing a party that hasno chance of winning. But the sorry truth is the media will only endorse a party that can win."

This is corporate control of politics , as the newspapers and tv are owned by a small conglomerate empire that is entwined with maufacturing corporations.
This is what has to change by legislation. Papers and TV must give equal time to all parties that have say a set minimum of suuposrts. And NO "endorsements" by media punishable by jail time because owning the media is dictatorship and NO private funding of any party!
All parties must compete on an equal basis divorced from corporate control.
Civil serveant must SERVE the people and be only paid civil service salaries with absolutely no fianancial connections to corporation executives before or after service. That will be tru democracy and a true civil servan group.Government by the PEOPLE For the PEOPLE not by the CORPORATIONS!!!

5:00 p.m.

Blogger Natalka said...

Hi Max,

I can tell you're really bursting with anger at the sponsorship scandal. But I don't think that passing retroactive criminal laws, seizing private property, and putting journalists in jail is the answer.

You say you want to "stand up against tyrants" and fight corporate "fascists". But, be careful not to get a little tyrannical yourself, in your struggle.

12:04 a.m.

Blogger Natalka said...

Hi BC Tory,

I know what you're saying, and you're right. And as a former PC supporter, it sounds like you know where I'm coming from when I say that it's frustrating because it's also self-perpetuating.

For example... Right now the NDP has about 25% of the support in Western Canada -- the Liberals have about 30% and the Tories about 40%. No one would blink twice at a Western Canadian newspaper endorsing the Liberals for national government, but for the reason you gave, I'd be surprised to see one endorsing the NDP -- even there is only a 5 point gap. It's more about the perception than it is about the reality, but sadly, the percception helps create the reality.

If the Globe did endorse the NDP, I bet we'd see a different story on election day. I understand, as you pointed out, that isn't likely to happen unless the NDP actually manages to get itself neck-and-neck. But it's frustrating, because the perception that that can't happen helps create the fact.

12:12 a.m.

Blogger max said...

I can tell you're really bursting with anger at the sponsorship scandal. But I don't think that passing retroactive criminal laws, seizing private property, and putting journalists in jail is the answer.

You say you want to "stand up against tyrants" and fight corporate "fascists". But, be careful not to get a little tyrannical yourself, in your struggle.
Thats why your party is useless. you don't know the difference between tyranny and defending against tyranny and you have your head in the sand while you are being beaten,. You ar ethe party of professional victims. How else can you have justice except to investigate and seize recordds which you refuse to do?
And no the anger is against all the tyranny of theCorportions, sonsorship is just the tip of the iceberg.
Wake up Canadians!! Get the courage to open your eyes and DO something!
Ynd again, in the final answer , you have no answers to my exact questions. Your party's platform is totlally empty.. you are just basically telling me to shutup.
You are another representative of the Parties to Shutup.

1:14 p.m.


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