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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Special General Meeting - June 8th

This September, the federal NDP is having a policy convention in Quebec City. Our riding has the opportunity to propose resolutions for this conference, and we can send up to 5 delegates + 1 youth delegate. On Thursday, June 8th, we are having a special general meeting to pick resolutions and delegates for the federal convention. This meeting will be closed to new business. Everyone is welcome! Come to propose and vote on resolutions, and to vote for our delegates at the NDP's convention. In addition, the Province of Ontario has changed the provincial riding boundaries. This means that every Ontario NDP riding will be dissolved by the province, and must be re-founded. We will be doing this at the June 8th meeting as well. We will also take this opportunity to take up a minor amendment to the our Federal Riding Association constitution. For more information...


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